Here at Redstone Legal, Risk & Compliance Search, we work with you on a consultative basis. We will listen carefully to what it is that you want, before asking appropriate questions to ensure that we have all the information we need to be able to provide you with the very highest level of recruitment assistance. Please see below for details on our most popular services.


  1. Retained Search – Retained search firm’s fees are typically paid in thirds and are needlessly complex, usually asking for additional financial commitments throughout the process. Redstone LRC Search offers a structure weighted on the completion fee with minimal commitment upfront, reducing your risk and ensuring our full commitment to completing the process. The completion fee is only due once the successful candidate starts. We work closely with you to set the parameters and process of the search, covering strategy for identifying, screening, evaluating, and hiring the desired candidate(s). The Redstone Legal, Risk & Compliance Retained Search methodology utilises the full resource capabilities of our in-house research and head-hunting teams.                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Contingent Search/Exclusive Contingent Search – Using a success only search solution, we can harness our extensive network and developed market relationships to offer an initial 3-5 candidates to match your needs within a quick time frame. Redstone Legal, Risk & Compliance Search offers this service as a hassle-free option, with no up-front commitment required from you. If we are give an exclusive search, we are able to commit more research and time, whilst still on a contingency structure.
  3. Extraction Search – For a heavily reduced fee, simply tell us who you want and we will utilise our head-hunting experience to go and get them.
  4. Salary Benchmarking – With extensive access to salary information across the market, we can help you to evaluate and ascertain the appropriate pay structure for your employees.
  5. Market Mapping – Thanks to our thorough understanding of the markets we work in, we can provide you with updates on your competitors’ plans and advise you as to where you may want to add talent to ensure you remain ahead of the curve. We’ve found that our maps are particularly useful when attempting multiple hires.
  6. Managed Advertising Campaigns – Advertising is a useful and effective tool when it comes to attracting potential candidates. Redstone LRC Search can provide advice on creating suitable adverts and where best to display them. Our consultants can then manage the responses, filtering out candidates that match your specifications. This service can be provided either confidentially or by utilising your branding.
  7. Market Intelligence – By conducting research analysis, we can garner an understanding of how your company is perceived in the market, how the market is fairing and how your competitors are performing.


    Your Staffing Needs

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